Scales of War

August 22, 2009

The party left Brindol to answer the call to arms in Overlook. Arrving on the morning of the 5th day out from Brindol, they moved through Shantytown and the outer wall. Being questioned at the second wall, Pock bluffed, claiming that Theren was the Prince of Aldgate, a human city-state to the north. A messenger was sent to announce their arrival to the Council of Elders. Pock continued this bluff through the rest of the walls, and had them announced by heralds as they entered Old Town. The disbelieving residents looked on as the party passed through the massive gate in their sad little wagon drawn by a draft lizard.

After visiting the local shops, the followed the massive crowd into Caer Overlook itself, and after navigating a maze of corridors they finally arrived in the massive domed room.

Elder Cadrick addressed the crowd, explaining that the tunnels under the mountains had been breached. The Farstriders would be sent to secure them. Meanwhile, most of the rest would go to defend Bordrin’s Watch. They were also looking for volunteers to undertake a dangerous mission to evacuate the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.

The party stepped forward to volunteer for the Monastery mission. For some reason, the leader of the Farstriders seemed annoyed and had a heated discussion with Elder Cadrick just after the crowd was dismissed. After their private conversation was concluded, the Farstriders left and Cadrick discussed the mission with the party in more detail.

The party arrived at the outer wall of the monastery only to find orcs relaxing in the courtyard. The party dispatched the orcs easily as they advanced on the monastery.



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