Scales of War

September 12, 2009

The party entered the monastery to find a grisly scene. Dwarven bodies lay in pools of blood. Pews were smashed. An old orc crone stood by the raised dais in the center of the room, and a large figure who was chained and blindfolded sat on a nearby step. The dais was smeared with excrement, having been recently defiled. Theren and Lalnios quickly spotted the orcs who stood on the balcony surrounding the room as they levelled their huge crossbows at the party.

The orcs with the massive crossbows were quickly dispatched, but as the party moved toward the crone, a previously unseen door slid open in the base of the dais, and orcs poured out. The crone cast her spells as the orc warriors tried to hold the party off. The blindfolded figure, a goliath, stood up awkwardly, asking to be freed so he could help with the battle. Pock told him to shut up. The goliath tried to help anyway, and was somewhat successful. When the party eventually prevailed, they freed him, and he introduced himself as Aukan.

Using the door in the dais, the party entered a huge hall with a high ceiling, taking the orcs there by surprise. After delivering all but one of the orcs to their death, they restrained the last survivor and questioned him. Pock’s silver tongue and Aukan’s show of strength convinced the orc that he had little to lose by answering a few questions. He told them of a dwarf paladin who was being tortured in the chambers below after collapsing the tunnel the orcs used to enter the monastery. The orc expressed his opinion that the discovery of this tunnel is just confirmation that they will be able to find a way through the mountains without having to assault Bordrin’s Watch.

The questions done, the party killed the cooperative orc, and looked around the area to discover dead dwarves in nightclothes and sometimes no clothes at all, slain as they were roused from sleep, unarmed, to defend against the invading orcs.



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