Scales of War

The story so far...

A series of events resulted in two eladrin, Ildeth Mist Tyrneaundlin and Glinneran Bladestorm, appearing in a field outside the human town of Brindol, near the eastern edge of Thandor. At the same time, a young woman, Cytherea, came running out of the Boundary that encloses Thandor, and met a young man named Theren who helped her fight off the zombies that pursued her.

Later, in the tavern in Brindol, the four found themselves thrown into battle with a raiding party of goblins. The townspeople were amazed at the courage and abilities of these four, and after finding that some townspeople had been kidnapped and items taken from the Hall of Great Valor, they asked the four to rescue their friends and the items.

The party was tracking the goblins to the ruins of Castle Rivenroar, but on the way there they encountered a group of young eladrin who appeared to be from House Brightsun. A battle ensued, leaving Glinneran and the eladrin from House Brightsun dead.

The party soon found the artifact Arselu Tel-Quessir on Glinneran’s corpse. After a brief conversation with Selutaar Eris, they found the book was displeased with them. They tried to bury it, but it vanished.

Later, the remaining three reached the ruins of Castle Rivenroar, and began fighting their way through the old tombs. Along the way, an elf druid named Lalnios appeared and joined them in the fight against the goblins, explaining that he had tracked another group to Rivenroar from the hills to the north.

A party of four once again, they defeated the goblin leader, Sinruth, and found the items and all the prisoners. After nearly a week at Rivenroar, they are preparing to head back to town.



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