Scales of War

June 27 2009

The party began making its way from Rivenroar back to Brindol. On the way they ran into a group of eladrin soldiers led by General Inali. Inali asked where Glinneran was, and the party explained that he was killed. She asked if it was Neron who had done it, but Ildeth said he didn’t know who it was. Inali explained that Neron was one of the relatively young scions of House Brightsun who had gone looking for Glinneran, seeking Arselu Tel-Quessir.

Inali then asked what had become of the book. Ildeth admitted that the book had become displeased and he buried it, at which point it disappeared. Inali was furious, and ordered her soldiers to arrest Ildeth. As they began to lead him away, the dwarf Andronsius smugly waved goodbye saying, “Bye elfy!” Ildeth cast a spell at him to make a point.

Zerriksa then spoke up, saying, “That woman is a vampire! She is going to kill us all!” She was referring to Cytherea. As Inali looked Cytherea over, Lalnios vouched for her, saying, “That woman is lying. She is not a vampire, but she is a dhampyr. I am Lalnios of the Tiri Kitor, and this woman has made no hostile move toward us.”

Inali accepted that, saying, “Very well, we have had dealings with the Tiri Kitor, and I will take you at your word.” The eladrin then marched away with Ildeth.

Clouds gathered in the sky, and the day grew dark as the party arrived back in Brindol. When the party entered the inn, a beautiful woman at the bar turned around. “Cytherea, how good to see you again, my dear. I see you’ve become something of a local hero.” It was Cytherea’s mother, Duchess Cladelia Parnan of Arcavius. Cytherea had fled Arcavius upon discovering that Cladelia was a vampire. The Duchess tried to convince Cytherea to return to Arcavius, but she refused. When a fight broke out, a gnome sitting at a nearby table jumped in to help the party as the other customers fled for their lives. The Duchess was eventually forced to flee, saying, “You haven’t heard the last of me,” and then turning into mist and flying away.

Introductions followed. The gnome was Pock, a traveller who had recently arrived in Brindol.

The next day, a rider came into Brindol, announcing that the city of Overlook put out a call to arms. A huge orc horde was moving on Bordrin’s Watch and they were seeking fighters to help repel the huge army. Councilman Troyas said, “Theren, I want you to go to Overlook and see what you can do to help out. They wouldn’t be sending out a call to arms if it wasn’t serious. They’ve never asked for help before.”

The story so far...

A series of events resulted in two eladrin, Ildeth Mist Tyrneaundlin and Glinneran Bladestorm, appearing in a field outside the human town of Brindol, near the eastern edge of Thandor. At the same time, a young woman, Cytherea, came running out of the Boundary that encloses Thandor, and met a young man named Theren who helped her fight off the zombies that pursued her.

Later, in the tavern in Brindol, the four found themselves thrown into battle with a raiding party of goblins. The townspeople were amazed at the courage and abilities of these four, and after finding that some townspeople had been kidnapped and items taken from the Hall of Great Valor, they asked the four to rescue their friends and the items.

The party was tracking the goblins to the ruins of Castle Rivenroar, but on the way there they encountered a group of young eladrin who appeared to be from House Brightsun. A battle ensued, leaving Glinneran and the eladrin from House Brightsun dead.

The party soon found the artifact Arselu Tel-Quessir on Glinneran’s corpse. After a brief conversation with Selutaar Eris, they found the book was displeased with them. They tried to bury it, but it vanished.

Later, the remaining three reached the ruins of Castle Rivenroar, and began fighting their way through the old tombs. Along the way, an elf druid named Lalnios appeared and joined them in the fight against the goblins, explaining that he had tracked another group to Rivenroar from the hills to the north.

A party of four once again, they defeated the goblin leader, Sinruth, and found the items and all the prisoners. After nearly a week at Rivenroar, they are preparing to head back to town.


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